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Date Stamp Pointillism

Federico Pietrella, Roman artist who moved to Berlin, produces art with a date stamp instead of a brush. Pressure on the ink and the canvas is overlapping dates that gives life to the painting. The days also are never chosen at random accurately reflect those in which Pietrella was put to work.


Schermata-09-2456918-alle-10.10.02 Schermata-09-2456918-alle-10.11.33 Schermata-09-2456918-alle-10.12.39 Schermata-09-2456918-alle-10.16.58 Schermata-09-2456918-alle-10.17.21 Schermata-09-2456918-alle-10.18.00 Schermata-09-2456918-alle-10.18.04


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